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ConSys: Connectorsystems for the professional market

Your connection for quality interconnect and electronic components and equipment.

Our products:

  • comply with the EC directive 2002/95 and are RoHS compliant,
  • designed for high reliability,
  • will meet your quality standards, whatever they might be!
  • are competitive.

KEL connector series 8600-140-d. Click here to visit our specific KEL Connectors page.ConSys' focus is to support the market with quality interconnect systems at acceptable cost.
Europe: ConSys is the European representative for leading quality interconnect manufacturers.

ConSys has a wide European network of partners that can assist customers locally in engineering and design. ConSys represents a wide range of manufacturers that produce high quality electronic components and is therefore capable of selecting the right products for your application. Through our international network of sourcing and distribution, ConSys is able to provide quick response to your needs. For connectors we focus on KEL, Tajimi, Fujicon. Focus: 1.27mm pitch connector systems, 0,4-0,5mm micro coax systems, UDE Magnetic Module Connectors RJ45, round connectors. 



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